Global Business Investment

Global Startup & Growth Investment:

Our investment model is based on two primary enablers of people and innovative products to create values. Here at Pars Capital, we invest in people with innovative products that help bringing positive change. In addition to the mediation of funds, Pars Capital has also invested in the following sectors:

  • Technology: Business and operational excellence automation tools
  • Tourism: Business and education tourism
  • Agriculture: Smart farming
  • Cleantech: Renewable energy
  • Real Estate: Commercial and residential
  • Education: Executive education & eLearning
  • Business Projects: International project financing and management

Project Result:

Building creative and profitable companies is made possible through the utilization of the golden triangle of science, art, and best-practice. We don’t just mediate or invest in ideas and products; we help our portfolio companies to effectively plan, execute, and drive performance using our proven tool-sets.