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Business Intelligence

BI: Pars Capital International’s business intelligence (BI) is not only about data processing, it’s about enabling intelligent business decisions through state-of-art research and computer-based techniques. It’s about making sure raw data is transformed into meaningful information for managements’ accurate and effective strategic decisions.

Our BI service encompasses a wide range of tools that aid in creating a scalable roadmap for businesses by using advanced technologies like SPSS, R, Tableau, Stata, PowerBI, Qlik Sense, etc. Our BI derives business KPIs and insights to drive actionability and results.


Putting Research into Action

Market/Industry Research: Achieving growth through empirical research, best-practice, innovation and leadership is what organizations need in this competitive global market. Our growth solution through disciplined research will provide you with the tools, techniques, models and best practices to turn your vision into reality. Our disciplined industry & market research will empower your team with the right knowledge to make intelligent decisions. And our best practices will enable quality, creative, efficient and cost-effective execution of your intelligent decisions. To make a wise decision, you don’t need thousands and millions of pieces of information. You need knowledge and intelligence to make strategic decisions. Pars Capital offers bespoke research to meet the exact requirement of your organization. Our bespoke and off-the-shelf industry & market research studies include:

  • International Trends
  • Market Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Product and Market Forecasts
  • Threats and Opportunities
  • Industry Composition
  • Market Segmentation