Building Long-Term Value for All Stakeholders

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Our Story

Pars Capital International is a global consulting and executive service firm offering myriad strategic services around the globe. We help global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, design and deliver effective strategies to grow and build long-term value for stock and stakeholders. Using our business intelligence toolset, market research capabilities, and result-driven execution model, we help capture global opportunities and create value beyond expectation.

Pars Capital International also commits through direct participation and joint venture partnerships in global startups, growth companies, and underperforming businesses. Whether we commit through direct participation or joint venture, we will ensure the availability of resources, greater capacity, increased technical expertise, access to markets and distribution channels, robust supply chain network, and business performance.

Our Approach

Strategy failures cost hundreds of billions each year and result in downsizing, executives’ dismissals, bankruptcy, and in the worst-case scenario, financial crisis.

To run a successful company, business leaders are required to navigate and manage a complex ecosystem. In today’s fast past dynamic environment business leaders need strategies that work. We help you formulate strategies, position, maximize and capture local and global opportunities.

In today’s complex environment, business leaders’ top priority and challenge is strategy execution. Execution is the art and science of getting things done. Execution without strategy is aimless; strategy without execution is useless. We help you achieve your business goals and create long-term value through strategic execution.

Why Pars Capital

Our teams focus on business results through effective execution that shapes result-driven strategy and operations. Our strategy execution consists of a systematic process of “assumption -> assessment -> linking -> delivering results”. We bring experience and scale to your need, helping you shape and realize your strategies and build long-term value for your stock and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Execution Excellence

Driving for Results

Stakeholder Value Creation

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI)

Innovation & Growth

Sustainability & Social Impact