Building Creative and Profitable Businesses

Our Story

Pars Capital International is a private investment and trade management firm that provides professional, individually-tailored strategic investment, business development, and performance management to high net worth private clients, families, entrepreneurial firms, and selected institutional organizations.

In addition to the mediation of capital, Pars Capital International also invests in global startups, established companies, and international projects.

With roots in “Galaxy Consulting” – the Canadian boutique consultancy with over two decades of industry experience, we have developed unique toolsets that drive investment, trade, and operational values for stock and stakeholders across the chain.

Our Approach

We have pioneered a research-based approach to private investment, international trade, and business excellence that builds creative and profitable companies. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and creating values across the chain.

Some of Our Recent Projects

Global Business Investment

Our investment model is based on two primary enablers of people and products that create values…

Global Business Expansion

When a major European oil & gas company decided to investigate market opportunities…

Immigration Investment

Pars Capital has so far helped hundreds of immigrant investors to setup and or acquire a…