Building Long-Term Value for Stakeholders

Our Story

Pars Capital International is a global strategy consulting firm with offices and professional teams in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Iran, and UAE. We help global business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs design and deliver effective strategies to grow and build long-term value for their stakeholders.

Our Approach

Strategy failures cost hundreds of billions each year and result in downsizing, executives dismissals, bankruptcy, and in the worst-case scenario, financial crisis.

To run a successful company, business leaders are required to navigate and manage a complex ecosystem. In today’s fast past dynamic environment, business leaders need strategies that work to position their company to maximize and capture local and global opportunities. We help you formulate strategies that work.

In today’s complex environment, CEOs’ top priority and challenge is strategy execution. Top executives are the sole owners of strategy formulation and execution. Execution without strategy is aimless; strategy without execution is useless. We help you grow your business and create long-term value through effective execution.

Why Pars Capital International

Our teams focus on business results through effective execution that shapes result-driven strategy and operations. Our strategy execution consists of a systematic process of “assumption -> assessment -> linking -> delivering results”. We bring experience and scale to your need, helping you realize your strategies and build long-term value for all stakeholders.

Some of Our Recent Projects

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